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Airco Caravan (New York/Amsterdam)


+1 973 216 4537
Whatsapp: +31 6 28 225 227
IG: @airco_caravan, @pest_ac, @mlkjr50
FB: Maria Koning / Airco Caravan

As a conceptual artist, painter, activist and feminist, I send my message through art. I want to make people think, using artists tools like paintings, projects, installations. All kinds of resources are used, from illegal statues in public places to Chinese paintings, from silicon fetuses to my own hair. My work questions our awareness and convictions about race, religion, gender, society, and the boundaries that separate freedom and oppression. As an artist, and also as founder and curator of (fundraiser) exhibitions I try to make the world a better place. 

Political issues, inequality, women's rights, human rights and crazy facts from our society are my starting point. The innocent and sometimes provocative artworks have a twist or deeper meaning, leaving the interpretation up to the viewer.

Solo exhibitions

2021     Temporal Space & Mayonnaise, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam 

         Corona Soap, OBA public library Amsterdam

2020     (Re)construct, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam
2019     Toxic Fix, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam
2018     I Have A Dream, Front Gallery, Amsterdam mlk50.nl
         The Anti Art Fair, curated by Elijah Wheat Showroom, London UK
2016     Weapon: Other, Arti Gallery, Rokin 114, Amsterdam
         The Night of the Dictatorship, De Balie, Amsterdam
         Open Studios Port Morris, South Bronx, NYC
2015     Little Easter Solo show, LES, New York, NY
         This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
2014     Art of What, Gemak, The Hague
         The Other Side of Light, Art in Redlight, Amsterdam
2013     International Window, Arps & Co Gallery, Amsterdam
         Art in Redlight Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
         Airco Caravan’s Cycling Art Gallery, The Hague and Amsterdam

Group exhibitions (selection)

March 20 - April 30: group show Her City, Leake Street Galleries, London (online)      

         June 23 - 25: group show Art Allies, Museum Quarter, Amsterdam

         March 24 - September 24: EXODUS, Buitenplaats Doornburgh

         Resilience, group show, Kente Royal Gallery, Harlem, NYC

         HELL NO, group show, What Art Can Do, Amsterdam

         Strand for Women, New York. To show support for women and men in Iran

2022     December - September 2023 EXODUS.nu, group show, Bijbels Museum, Netherlands

         Peace to the World, Kente Royal Gallery, Harlem, NYC          

         online: Amsterdam Museum, Corona in the City, Martin Luther King Walk, Amsterdam  

         And there was light by DNA, Public NFT Sale @async.market

         ongoing: Monument for Martin Luther King,  Het Kunstgemaal, Bronkhorst         

         KlimaatExpo '22, Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle

         Broken Telephone, @Popinnart IG

         Drop Party DNA (Dutch NFT Association), OP.EN Space, Amsterdam 

         Made in Dolland, Art Zaanstad, Zaandam

         The Guild X d'strict ARTE META, Genesis Collab, Arte Museum, Korea

         Popinnart @ KunstRAI art fair, Amsterdam   

         Non Fungible Conference, The Guild, Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, Lisbon

         Standaardman, PLAY room, Zaandam

         "REVIVE", Nasty Women London, Open House Hackney Wick, London

         Celebração, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam

         Let's Get Political, Studio Seine, Rotterdam

         Arti Salon 2021, Amsterdam      

2021     CAFAxNEAL NFT Exhibition, The Guild, Beijing

         Thinking Inside The Box, The Guild, Unifty.gallery

         Art The Hague Online, digital art fair

         50-50 Lady Justice, PLAYroom, Zaandam

         IJsselbiënnale, Hoe=Het nu 2021, Het Kunstgemaal,Bronkhorst

         Art The Hague, Black & White Crossover, Den Haag

         Hurray, Summer keeps coming, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

         Popinnart @ Museum Quarter, Amsterdam

         ZomerSalon Royaal, group show, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam

         Corona Soap, OBA public library Amsterdam
         ...IK U OOK, Monument for Martin Luther King, Het Kunstgemaal,Bronkhorst
         Selma Remembrance Walk Amsterdam 2021 - 54 miles walk, www.mlk50.nl
         Popinnart, Art The Hague Online
         Tegenbeeld (questioning colonial statue of President Steyn), Kunstenlab, Deventer
         Love for Sale, fundraiser auction to save W139, Amsterdam          
         Artist Support Pledge Live, De Balie, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

2020     Book launch & popup exhibition Popinnart (cancelled due to lockdown)
         Black Lives Matter: Black resistance and emancipation, Public Library Amsterdam OBA, Amsterdam

         Summer Salon, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
         H/ART, OurDomain, Amsterdam South East
         ZomerSalon Royaal, CBK Zuidoost Amsterdam
         Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam      
         Drive by Art Gallery, Flappers Comedy Club & Restaurant, Burbank, LA
         Selma Remembrance Walk Amsterdam 2020 - 54 miles walk, www.mlk50.nl
         Amsterdam Museum, Selma Remembrance Walk, MLK statue, Amsterdam
         CBK Zuidoost, Martin Luther King Vijfdaagse, Amsterdam
         The Intersection, W+K Amsterdam
         New Acquisitions, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam
         January 15, 2020: Placing bronze Martin Luther King statue in MLK Park, Amsterdam
         The world problem & other inconveniences, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2019     Nasty Women / #teamFemke, fundraiser exhibition, De Balie, Amsterdam
         Ode aan de Art-o-maat, Galerie Oosterbosch, Amsterdam
         Salon 2019, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
         Ongoing - I have a Dream, Merten's Frames, Amsterdam
         Art The Hague, Popinnart, The Hague
         Art 'n Society, Arti, Amsterdam
         5 jaar Het Kunstgemaal, Bronkhorst, Netherlands
         Great Artists Steal, Popinnart, Amsterdam
         Nasty Women Portugal, Lisbon
2018     Kerst Sale!!! WG Kunst, Amsterdam
         Arti Salon, Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam
         Popinnart, Middenweg 20, Amsterdam  
         Embassy of Art, Sperwerlaan 23, Amsterdam
         Nasty Women Exhibit, Memphis TN, USA
         Made in China, visit of the Dalai Lama, Ahoy Rotterdam  
         Gemeen-Goed, Abcoude
         Pay Attention Please! Public Art. Amsterdam
         Finalist JKBK-Prize 2018, Tilburg, Netherlands
         Colorful City / Summer Show, Arti Amsterdam
         I have a Dream - Center of Visual Arts, CBK Amsterdam
         Nasty Women Portugal, Lisbon
         Anus#4, De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
         KunstRAI, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam
         Nasty Women Empowerment, Creative Debuts, London UK
         Northern Arizona Nasty Women, Flagstaff, AZ, USA   
2017     Arti Salon 2017, Amsterdam
         Excessive Frugality, ODETTA, New York NY
         International Nasty Women Conference, Newcastle UK
         Ways of Seeing, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam
         Art for Animals' Sake, art-for-animals-sake.com, Amsterdam
         Artists in Diemen, Venduhuis De Eland en de Zon, Diemen, Netherlands
         IJsselbiënnale, Koelhuis Zutphen, Netherlands
         Single Fare 4, New York, NY
         Creative Debuts, Nasty Women London, UK
         Nasty Women Mexico, Museum of memory and tolerance, CDMX
         SummerShow Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam
         Nasty Women Tucson, Borderlands Brewing Company, Tucson AZ
         NAZ Nasty Women, The Hive, Flagstaff, AZ
         Nasty Women Newcastle, Byker Community Centre, UK
         Nasty Women Amsterdam, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam
         Nasty Women Flensburg, Aktivitätshuset,
         Nasty Women Exhibition, Grand ArtHaus, Phoenix AZ
         NW Las Cruces NM, Portland OR, Omaha NE, Kingston RI, Durham NC, Lancaster CA,
         Phoenix AZ, Nashville TN, San Diego CA, Memphis TN, Charleston SC, USA
         Nasty Women Everywhere, Melbourne, Australia
         Nasty Women DreamWeek, AP Art Lab, San Antonio TX
         Nasty Women Exhibition, Picture Perfect Gallery, Lancaster CA
         Nasty Women Art Exhibition, Knockdown Center, Queens, New York
         Exhibition Robinson, Nasty Alice Gallery, Eindhoven
2016     Arti Salon works 2016, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
         Vasco del Arte, Shamrock House, Abcoude
         The Survivors, City Hall, The Hague Peace Projects
         VAN GOGH MINI’S, 80 artists, 80 show boxes, MOTI Museum, Breda
         Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York
         Josilda da Conceicao Gallery - with Roos van Dijk, Daniel Mullen, Elly Sloep, Amsterdam
         Art Rotterdam, cameo with Benjamin Li, Van Kranendonk Gallery The Hague 
         We Like Art, Multi Solo Size Matters, Tetem kunstruimte, Enschede
2015     Jalously Curated, Voltage Coffee and Art, Cambridge MA USA
         The Greenhouse Effect, Wunderkammer, Amsterdam
         Nieuwe Leden Tentoonstelling, (new members show) Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
         M2Kunst #6, 37PK, Haarlem (with Rutger van der Tas and Edith Meijering)
         NEON, Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
         Art Zaanstad Art Fair, Zaandam
         Show what you want Show, Bart Invites, Platvorm Platform, Amsterdam
         Torenkamerfestival, Amsterdam
         Hangen doe je toch (You will hang anyway), Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
         KunstRAI, Amsterdam, Galerie Nasty Alice
         Social Peek Show, Beerenberg Gallery, Druten
         Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie Nasty Alice
2014     Dag van de Beeldverzamelaar (Day of the Image Collector), MOTI Museum, Breda
         Still Life, Media Café, VondelCS, Amsterdam
         Chinese Whispers, Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven
         Chinese Whispers, Karin Janssen Porject Space, London
         Villa Mondriaan, with Benjamin Li's Te Koop (For Sale), Winterswijk
         Freedom, Serre, Amsterdam
         Brooklyn Hotel, Amsterdam: Crime Scenes
         Boeddha in de Linie, Kunstfort Asperen, Acquoy
         >> Watch the documentary, broadcasted on National TV (Dutch only)
         Bison Caravan, Tierrrafino, Amsterdam
         Au Naturel, Astoria, USA
         Realisme Art Fair, Galerie de Vis, Amsterdam
2013     Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, New York
         Vienna Showcase, MOYA (Museum of Young Art) Vienna, Austria   
         Made in China, CNCPT13 Gallery, Amsterdam
         TOON-Amsterdam Gallery, Amsterdam
         Student Concours 2013, Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York
2011     Art After Advertising, Kunstliefde Utrecht, Netherlands
         Artists Home & Abroad The Broadway Gallery, New York
         Student Concours 2011 Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York
2009     Bristol Museum, illegal participation in Bansky show, Great Britain
         Design Festa Vol.30, Tokyo
2007     Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
         Monkdogz Urban Art International Artists, New York
         Mini exhibition Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006     Happy Poodle before Laser 3.14 came along - street art, Amsterdam
         Hype Gallery, Amsterdam
2005     Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo
         MK24 Amsterdam, Amsterdam


Center for the Study of Political Graphics, LA, USA

Nobel Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, USA

The Riverside Church, New York, USA

Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Museum van Loon, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Museum of World Cultures, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

OBA Public Library Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Centraal Museum Utrecht, the Netherlands


2011-18  Art Students League, New York
2006     MK24 screen printing, Amsterdam
1988     HKU, Bachelor of Art, Academy of Arts, Utrecht, Netherlands



2023     Curator of group show HELL NO, What Art Can Do, Amsterdam

         Co-founder art collective Art Allies

         Speaker at Symposium Sexual ethics and lived experience: empowering sexual futures, 

              Newcastle University, UK

2022     Semi-finalist Vote for Abortion Rights exhibition billboards in 12 States of the US

         Curator & organizer Popinnart booth at KunstRAI art fair

2020     Illegally placed Martin Luther King statue officially unveiled, MLK Park Amsterdam

         Nominated for Key pieces in public space, sleutelwerken.nl

         Member of Advisory Board Popinnart Foundation

2019     Co-founder & curator Nasty Women / #teamFemke Art Exhibition & Fundraiser

         Organiser & concept Popinnart booth at Art The Hague

         Board member Popinnart art collective foundation (until end of 2022)

         PR & Marketing team Popinnart group show Great Artists Steal

2018     Guest teacher on portraiture, project Made in China in Haarlem

         Co-founder Front Gallery, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

2017     Speaker at 1st International Nasty Women Conference, Newcastle UK

         Founder & curator Nasty Women Amsterdam Art Exhibition & Fundraiser,
         184 artists from 27 countries, 240 artworks ($17,000 raised),
         more info: nastywomenamsterdam.org
2015     Artist in Residence Opium op 4 De Torenkamer
         Curator of group show The Greenhouse Effect, Amsterdam
2014     First prize 'The Other Side of Light'
         Selected in AVROTROS Still Life Contest
         Member of Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
         Artist in Residence, Boeddha in de Linie, Culemborg
         Selected in Au Naturel International Exhibition
         Team member Art in Redlight
2013     Selected in Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
2012     First Prize HEMA competition (Netherlands)

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         >> Watch the documentary, broadcasted on National TV (Dutch only)
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