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window dressing

Window Dressing: exhibition and 'guerrilla' windows

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Window of Galerie Arps & Co and a window across the Arubastraat.

Lady Love, Push Up Orchard Street and Wiener Wurst.
Nice to know: yellow underwear is said to bring good luck and money when you
wear it at New Year's Eve. It's a tradition in the Latin American countries.
And I wish you a very happy New Year!

Galerie Arps & Co, Amsterdam, December 22 - January 11 2014

December 25 2013
Newspaper De Echo

Sensuality in shop window

WEST Artist Airco Caravan (Amsterdam/New York)
travels all around the world to photograph
lingerie and sex shop windows. These pictures
are modified, resulting in colorful, almost
abstract images. Thus questioning the
pornofication and consumerism of our society.

The photoworks titled Window Dressing are on
display until January 11 at Gallery Arps & Co
and on windows around the Paramariboplein in
neighbourhood the Baarsjes. 25 square meters
windows are covered with blow-ups of shop
windows from New York, Santiago, Mexico City,
Lisbon, Madrid and Amsterdam. Prints mounted
on dibondin several sizes will be for sale in
the gallery. A New Year's reception will take
place on January 5, from 2 PM.
Gallery Arps & Co is located at
Arubastraat 1 in Amsterdam.

Window at Paramariboplein corner Bonairestraat.

Harlem Panties at Arubastraat 2.

Harlem Panties at Paramaribostraat.

And some beautiful prints, framed or printed on fabric for sale in the gallery!