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Vondelpark meets New York City

There's a close bond between Amsterdam, Netherlands, and New York City. Both cities have a famous park: Central Park and Vondelpark, built in the 1860's. To emphasize this relation and to connect the people, I projected Vondelpark onto Central Park, and the other way around. I have put 10 flags on the outline of Vondelpark in Central Park. So now you can take a walk in the oldest park of Amsterdam without leaving New York.

Yes, Central Park in New York is much larger than Vondelpark in Amsterdam

1. Halfway South side of Central Park, close to 59th St between 6th and 7th Avenue

2. At Rumsey Playfield

3. Near the Bethesda Fountain

4. Close to Delacorte Theater Box Office

5. West Drive at W 82nd St

6. The Northernmost point (of the Vondelpark) next to the Reservoir, West side at W 89th St

7. A bit more South, at W 88th St

8. Going further South again, Diana Ross Playground near park entrance at W 81st St

9. Part of the Naturalist's Walk, close to Museum of Natural History across the street at 77th St

10. And back again at 59th St, between 7th and 8th Ave. All flags were planted and pictures taken on Saturday April 18, a beautiful sunny day.

Central Park Meets Amsterdam

The 4 Central Park corner stakes, planted in Amsterdam.

Before walking the outline of Vondelpark in New York's Central Park, Central Park was projected onto Amsterdam and Vondelpark. The outline was easy to fix in Amsterdam: 4 corner stakes were planted, one of them in Amsterdam North, on the other side of the IJ river.  Take a Central Park walk in Amsterdam!

Almost half of Amsterdam's city center fits in Central Park.

North East corner, located in Amsterdam Noord, close to Eye Filmmuseum

North West corner, at Westerdoksdijk near Coffijboomstraat (watch out for the dog shit).

South West corner, in the Vondelpark, near the old bridge to the Blauwe Theehuis.

South East corner, at Museumplein near the Stedelijk Museum and Concertgebouw.

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