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A series on skin tone bandaids and flesh tone paint, 2019-2022.

On view at Artzaanstad from Pride Week Zaandam, until Pride Week Amsterdam, 2022

Healing LGBTQIA+, 2022

200+ skintone bandages by various inclusive brands from the US, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, on linen, 20 x 12” (50 x 30 cm). @bandaid @healincolour @browndages @hansaplast.nl @ukskindeep and Ebon-Aide - for sale at Artzaanstad

Exhibition Made in Dolland, curated by artist and activist Dolly Bellefleur, on view from June 4 - August 21, 2022.

Pride Legs, 2022

6 Pretty Polly(Dolly) skintone tights in 6 shades, on linen, 20 x 12” (50 x 30 cm).

United Legs of Dolland, 2022

68 legs, from pink to brown, 8 x 8 x 8” (20 x 20 x 20 cm). Exhibition Made in Dolland, curated by artist and activist Dolly Bellefleur, on view from June 4 - August 21, 2022.

In the series ' whiteness' find paintings on skin tone and whitening soaps and creams.


On view in the window of CBK Zuidoost, during Zomer Salon Royaal 2021

Ready for installation at CBK Zuidoost

Healing History, Healing Amsterdam

A symbol for Amsterdam's apology for its slave history, officially announced on July 1, 2021, on Keti Koti, the day of remembrance and celebration of the abolition of slavery in the Dutch colonies Surinam and the Antilles in 1863.

More than 1800 skin tone bandaids from different brands from the USA, UK and the Netherlands, 39 x 59" (100 x 150 cm), 2021. On view at CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam from July 1 - August 21, 2021.

Healing History, Healing Amsterdam, study 

65 skin tone bandaids, 7 x 9.5" (18 x 24 cm), 2021, private collection

Healing History, Healing Amsterdam

7 x 9.5" (18 x 24 cm), 2021, private collection

Healing UK

On September 17, 2021, teacher Sabina Nessa was brutally attacked and killed close to her home in London. This happened only a few months after the death of Sarah Everard in March. Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens falsely arrested Sarah under the pretence of having breached COVID-19 regulations and drove her to near Dover where he raped and strangled her, before burning her body and disposing of her remains in a nearby pond. The case sparked widespread debate about the safety of women and girls in the UK. 

105 bandages on canvas, 9.5 x 7" (24 x 18 cm), 2021, private collection

Healing USA

On August 24, 2020, after countless Black Lives Matter protests worldwide, 29-year-old Jacob Blake got shot in the back 7 times by the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He survived but is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Trump has caused the United Stats to be less and less 'united'. Alt right, white supremacy, racism, anti-black police violence, the killing of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Daunty Wright and many more, armed militias, storming of the US Capitol.... Joe Biden and Kamala Harris luckily became president and vice president. Will the Stars and Stripes ever be a symbol of unity again? Joe Biden promised to usher in ‘A Time To Heal’. 

More than 600 bandaids and 5 meters kinesiology tape on canvas, 49 x 22" (125 x 65 cm), 2020, private collection

Detail. I love the brand TruColour.

Healing USA II, 260 bandaids, 20 x 12 inches (50 x 30 cm), 2020

Making of Healing II


Special edition, 168 pages, 25 artists, 3 writers, book launch November 13, 2020. Read more.

Human Camouflage, print



I started this painting in the first week of May 2020, only 14 days before George Floyd was killed. And now we need more healing than ever. Hopefully the Black Lives Matter movement will result in less anti-black police violence and new policy to end racism.

Oil on raw linen, 24 x 27” (60 x 70cm), 2020

The quest for brown skin tone bandages started in 2019, looking for Ebon-Aide. A New York entrepreneur Michael Panayiotis created Ebon-Aide in 1998. The orange box read: "The bandage exclusively designed for people of color," and they came in shades called black licorice, coffee brown, cinnamon, and honey beige. It wasn’t a succes because Walmart and Rite Aid placed the boxes in the wrong shelves. So ‘flesh color’ still means soft-pink/beige (white). 100 years after the 'flesh colored' band-aids were invented, Band-Aid launched bandages to "embrace the beauty of diverse skin"

Band-Aid, which is a part of Johnson & Johnson, created the bandages to show its commitment to promoting diversity and in support of those protesting for racial equality following the death of African American George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on Monday 25 May, 2020.

TruColour’ is another, beautifully designed brand with 4 skin tone bandages. 👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏼 (my favorite).

In the Netherlands there was a brand, Heltiq, with bandages in 6 different skin tones, ‘het grotere verband', they ran out of stock, it's not available anymore.

Oil and bandages on raw linen, mounted on panel, 5.5 x 6” (12 x 14 cm), 2020

Online award ceremony by Delano Mac Andrew at CBK Zuidoost. 'Healing' made it to the shortlist.

Article in DE NIEUWE magazine, written by Airco Caravan. 

Year 24, nr.44, November 2020. Published by Arti et Amicitiae

PDF-bestand> Read the article 'FLESH TONE' (Dutch)

Interesting idea but painful mistake in May 2021: "Spain’s postal service introduces skin-tone stamps to fight racism — and makes the whitest one the most valuable"


6 white Babies Jesus, repainted with oil paint, skin tone bandaids (Ebon-Aide, TruColour, Tesco), Xmas 2020. Read the article Jesus was Black by Touré


Imported bandaids: 

Skin Deep UKTesco UK

Tru-Colour US, Browndages US

HeltiQ, het groter verband, huidskleurige pleisters, Dutch brand (sold out).

I was super happy to find some boxes of Ebon-Aide, the famous New York brand from the nineties, on Ebay.

TruColour (available in the Netherlands) was founded in 2013 by Toby Meisenheimer, who is white, after he was unable to find a bandage that matched his adopted African American son’s skin tone. 

In the nineties New York entrepreneur Michael Panayiotis created Ebon-Aide. The box read: "The bandage exclusively designed for people of color," and they came in shades called black licorice, coffee brown, cinnamon, and honey beige. I was very lucky to find some boxes on Ebay, because the brand doesn’t exist anymore.

After the death of George Floyd, May 25, 2020, Johnson & Johnson announced that it’s making a change to its production of Band-Aid brand bandages to include brown and black skin tones to embrace racial diversity. Johnson & Johnson, established in 1886, first began offering its Band-Aids 100 years ago, in 1921 after they were invented by employee Earle Dickson in 1920. They came in a soft pink color, defined as ‘flesh colored’ and “almost invisible”, "matching your skin" in advertising............

At last, in March 2021 Band-Aid introduced 3 beautiful shades of brown. It took them a century to realize there's more skin tones than only beige.

Ourtone by Band-Aid, by Johnson & Johnson, 3 skin tones

Browndages, The Perfect Bandage for Brown Skin. Beautiful packages, available online. Browndages is a Black-owned business.

Browndages comes in skin tones Ebony, Mocha, Caramel, Wheat and Sand. Browndages was founded in 2018 when Intisar Mahdi and her husband, Rashid, were inspired to provide a better experience for their family. “The bandages we were buying did not match the flesh of our family,” Intisar told Vogue from their home in Columbus, Ohio, “so we thought to create our own company.” 

Heal in Colour, founded by Tianna McFarlane in 2019, located in Toronto, Canada.
Follow the brand on Instagram  

“My mission is to make black and brown bandages the norm,” says McFarlane. “People with brown and black skin should have the option to buy bandages for their skin tone. Heal In Colour bandages look a lot better on black and brown skin than traditional pink/nude bandages do.”

Hansaplast Sensitive, Dark and Medium, available in the Netherlands 

Bioswiss Truetone by Donnamax, available via Amazon

Equate, a brand available at Walmart

CVS Health, July 2022

Band-Aid at Target, July 2022

Band-Aid at Target website, August 2022

+++++++++++ older brands +++++++++++

Urban Armour, a UK brand of multi-ethnic first aid FleshTone products, in three colors, including Mocha and Caramel. Not available anymore.

Plasta, a South African brand, founded by Lize Hartley, crowd funded in 2014. Not available anymore.

My growing collection of skin tone bandages.