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I love to collaborate with other artists. As a member of NFT art collective The Guild, a group of artists from all over the world and DNA, the Dutch NFT Association, many NFT's have been minted. Some are blueprints, some are fundraisers, some are videos. All of them are fascinating, colorful and eclectic. Click to find the NFT's on the corresponding platforms like SuperRare, Async, Foundation.


The first big collab The Guild made on Async, based on the famous painting Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijn (1642). Initiated and coordinated by Rutger van der Tas. 33 artists made 3 layers each of their part of the painting. Watch the artwork and explore and randomize it here.

I was randomly appointed to create my pieces on the spot of Herman Jacobsen Wormskerck. I thought it was time to bring some female black power into this Rembrandt painting. So I chose three women I deeply respect, with a little dash of Lady Liberty, a BLM fist and an extra arm.  

Angela Davis

'Freedom is a constant struggle'

Rosa Parks


Bernie Sanders went viral when I worked on this in January 2021, he's not visible in the master artwork, but he is there. 

Harriet Tubman

Don't ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.


1937. As Spain War was at its apogee, Franco with Nazi allies bombed civilians in the city of Guernica.
2022. As we could not imagine the comeback of a war in Europe, Mariupol, Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine were bombed by Russia.

38 artists of The Guild created a fundraiser masterpiece based on Picasso's Guernica in only 3 weeks. All proceeds and royalties will go to 'Voices of Children'. See the artwork at Async and click randomize to see the different layers.

My part was a building in the background, and I used drawings and dolls from The Survivors project in 2016. That was a reaction by 16 artists on the drawings of Taim Safar, a then 11-year-old refugee from Syria, now living in Turkey. In the first 5 years of the Syrian war, 16,000 children were killed. Why is this happening over and over again? Why don't we just stop making war?

Many different images appear when randomizing the artwork. It's heartbreakingly powerful. So much grief and pain was included by all the artists.

Mariupol was displayed on big screens in the main room at the Non-Fungible Conference in Lisbon, April 2022. 


Two examples of And there was light: #05 (owner Niels Broszat) and #03 (mine ;-))

A collaboration of Dutch crypto artists: Dutch NFT Association made their first Async Blueprint. The drop party took place at OP.EN Space Gallery in Amsterdam and the public sale started shortly after. 'Async Blueprints' is an art creator system. The 11 DNA-artists, including yours truly, created an original “blueprint” of content in many layers, from which collectors can mint limited-edition and mixed-rarity NFTs in a provably random way. Click here and mint your own unique NFT on Async.market for only 0,0333 ETH. See how an NFT is put together randomly HERE. 


'Alicia in Technoland' is the first ever animated NFT by The Guild. It is a techno-infused take on the classic Alice in the Wonderland story, with a myriad of styles being represented across thirty-eight different artists. Each artist contributed their techno renditions of characters and elements - drawing inspiration from the original story but contemporizing it with a modern twist. 

Watch the video on SuperRare

I chose the March Hare that appeared in the tea party scene. I made a hologram and created the animal using my own hair, eyes and teeth. This pink animal got some family along the way.

I also created some exotic plants to fill the scene, using everyday objects. Some will recognize unusual murder weapons, that I painted some years ago.


'Tomorrow Never Comes'  is a thirty second seamlessly looped audio and visual animation that features the work of 24 Guild artists. The team challenged themselves to produce a landscape themed work with a fast turnaround. When others dream we embark on a journey of infinite dimensions, a trip bound by no limits, wherein we get a glimpse of what's possible. Imagination runs wild and inspiration flows freely. Tomorrow holds such great promise, and yet it is promised to no one. Watch it on the Foundation platform 

Pink trees as well as a family of hares pop up in this great animation.


The Guild began this project as a tribute to the Lunar Ox Year, 2021, that coincides with the Ethereum bull run and astronomical explosion of NFTs as a medium. It is a work of struggle, of celebration, of premonition and of jubilation. Explore the artwork on Async.

An initial composition of color was created by Shinji Akhirah which helped to inform the delegation of sections via a randomizer. Each artist was randomly assigned an area on the canvas. So I got the pig (Year of the Pig: 2031), and created 3 different Pink piggy's.

The triplets were acquired by Basileus.


DOES #0110, 2022

Dawn of the Eternal Spirits (DOES) is a collaboration between The Guild and Arte Meta. It brings together 45 OG crypto artists and a team of artists from d’strict called Arte Meta, a crypto art project by South Korea's top digital design company, d'strict. Dawn of the Eternal Spirits is the largest collaborative artwork on Async Blueprint, featuring 10 layers and 85 states, which make 251,596,800 unique combinations possible. The DOES collection features 1337 generative artworks, which include 3 Legendary animated 1/1 artworks. These 1/1s are the hidden gems of the collection. Collect them to unlock more treasures from the Spirits of the Forest.Anyone can mint an edition on Async

Somewhere, deep down, a pink 'hidden gem', 2022


Async has a night and day collection. THANK YOU, some paintings of plastic shopping bags, were used to carry some of my pink haired babies.


Thinking inside the box, 2021. Available on Opensea.io

This one was created very quickly after the NFT Look Again (also on Opensea.io) was censored, it was labeled Not Suitable for Work.

Based on the War Rug Look Again, 2021

The Guild collab (totem), 2021