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'Boeddha in de Linie': A friendly experiment in March and April 2014, where buddhism, contemporary artists, military history and nature meet. Four artists, Leen Kaldenberg, Airco Caravan, Raoul Deleo and Mark Schalken stayed for two weeks each in Fort Werk aan het Spoel near Culemborg, Netherlands, to explore a self-chosen isolation to see what happens. The results were on display in May 2014, Kunstfort Asperen, Acquoy, and shown in a documentary.


>> Watch the documentary on Uitzending Gemist <<

The one hour documentary was broadcasted on Dutch National TV, NPO2, September 14 2014 by BOS rtv. (The Airco Caravan part starts 13:07) Director: Emil van Zuylen. Idea and realisation: Elisabeth ter Borg, Joop Hoek and Agnes Sommer.

> Article on the 'flamboyant Airco Caravan' in Boeddhistisch Dagblad (Dutch, Sept 9, 2014)

> Interview with the director of the movie, Emil van Zuylen (Dutch, Sept 10, 2014)

Trailer Boeddha in de Linie:

The exhibition of the artworks in May, 2014:

PDF-bestandDownload flyer (Dutch)

Opening Reception May 10:

Nice party with my fellow artists Mark Schalken, Raoul Deleo, Leen Kaldenberg and

Mary Fontaine. And a lot of friends.

The collages in room 46 - take a closer look in Mixed Media

Made in China, the 160 x 120" (300 x 400 cm) Dalai Lama peeping through the door

Read more about this nice project on the facebook page Boeddha in de Linie

Buddhistic Newspaper also wrote articles on Boeddha in de Linie (Dutch)

March 16, 2014, Arrival at the fort, by Boeddhistisch Dagblad:

March 30, 2014, End of the artist in residence, by Boeddhistisch Dagblad:

Radio interview, broadcasted April 2, 2014 on national Radio 5,
Hemelsbreed by BOS (interview by Agnes Sommer)


Some of the works created during Boeddha in de Linie, more under Paintings 2014 and Mixed Media

Fresh Morning and Golden Morning, mixed media

Final Day of the Coconuts and Operation Crossroads, oil on fabric

Touch of Gold, 22 carat gold leaf