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** Exhibition Art of What, at GEMAK in The Hague, May 30 - June 28 2014 **

Overview Art of What


Art of What

Art of What is a response to demonstrations of the Christian pro-life movement which uses every possible means to horrify abortion. They show gruesome pictures with the slogan ‘Art of Abortion’ to frighten people. Children are indoctrinated into sampling little silicon 12 week old fetuses to passers-by, as shown in the documentary Jesus Camp (2006, directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady). These little fetuses are the core of this project. The works are created with different materials, mostly feminine, like knitting needles, clothes hangers and tights. 2,000 fetuses were ordered, and went out of stock, which prevented the pro-life organisation to use them for their own activities.