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overview projects


> Pest_AC, Airco Caravan's Pest Control. For a better world.

> Healing, a project on skin tone bandaids and flesh tone paint

> Monument for Martin Luther King, to mark the 50th anniversay of his assassination on April 4.

Also check Instagram @mlkjr50

> War Rugs, Corona pandemic inspired to create new issues based on Afghan warfare tapestries

> Crypto Art, collaborations with art collective The Guild

> Nasty Women the international anti-trump art movement & fundraiser for women's rights.

> Forbidden portrait of the Dalai Lama, 16 parts, illegally painted in China by Chinese artists.

> Art of What, questioning the pro-life movement.

> 100 Murders and 1 Suicide, investigating 100+ murder locations in Manhattan, New York City.

> Artist Hair Brush, 100% handmade and homegrown paintbrushes, made from my own hair

> 100 Million Deaths and Counting, the 25 most deadly dictators blended into 1 portrait.

> The Survivors, a reaction on the drawings of Taim Safar, an 11-year-old Syrian refugee.

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