Spring naar inhoud

american dream

** On display at Karin Janssen Project Space in London until November 23,
from November 29 2014, at Nasty Alice Galerie in Eindhoven **

The American Dream

Acrylic and collage on paper, part of the Chinese Whispers Project, a collaborative art project between Karin Janssen Project Space in London and Gallery Nasty Alice in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Together
the galleries have invited forty-nine artists, 25 living in the Netherlands and 24 living in the United Kingdom, to take part in the project.

By asking the artists to play a game of Chinese Whispers, in which each artist reacted on the previous artist’s work without knowing what the rest of the series looked like, the project has resulted in a series of interrelated works which are each still highly autonomous.

12 x 8" (21 x 30 cm), 2014