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Artist Hair Brush

To experience the most direct way to get the artist's DNA on the canvas, these 100% Homegrown, handmade Artist Hair Brushes were created. See how the unique pieces were made by the artist herself in a small, family owned brush factory in Burk, Bavaria, Germany. Special thanks to Thomas and Martin Hackenberger and Katrin Hubricht who were so kind to teach me the fine art of brush making: Kolibri Brushes

Human hair is not suitable for artist brushes because it’s powerless. But it’s a very personal way to get the artist’s DNA directly on the canvas. And: no animals were hurt in the production of these brushes.

There is a small amount of unique flat Airco Caravan Artist Hair Brushes, sizes 8 and 22. They were on display at Art in Redlight art fair, Amsterdam. They can be ordered: contact Airco Caravan. The brushes are be signed and numbered; Size 22, edition 5. Size 8, edition 30; 2014.

The making of: working in the factory with human hair, silver ferrules and wooden handles.